Actuaries for Sustainable Health Care

Mission Statement:
Actuaries for Sustainable Health Care is an international association of actuaries dedicated to achieving long-term sustainability of health care financing systems through the use of whole food plant-based nutrition. Our mission is to share with our actuarial colleagues and others responsible for health care financing systems the large body of scientific, clinical, and historical evidence showing whole food plant-based nutrition has the ability to not only prevent, but reverse many of the most common and costly chronic (noncommunicable) conditions which are currently consuming an increasing and unsustainable share of government, employer, insurer and individual budgets.

Founding Principles:
(1) Whole food plant-based nutrition is more effective than any other prescription drug, surgical procedure or dietary intervention at reversing a wide range of chronic conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel conditions among many others.

(2) Any health care financing system or reform proposals for these systems that incentivize prescription drugs, medical procedures, and tests over interventions that address the underlying cause of chronic conditions are unsustainable.

(3) Given that whole food plant-based nutrition has no negative side effects and requires no additional cost (everyone has to eat), all health care financing systems should inform their members of how this approach can reverse and prevent chronic disease.

(4) Actuaries, given their training and experience with a variety of financial security systems, are ideally suited to develop sustainable solutions for health care financing systems that incentivize health care providers to discuss whole food plant-based nutrition with patients.